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CHM Convention de Nairobi



Association des Réseaux de Système d'Informations Environnementales

CNGIZC Madagascar


Calendar of Events

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Bienvenu(e) sur le Centre d'échange d'Information (CHM) malagasy de la Convention sur la Diversité Biologique (CDB)

C'est un portail qui présente les informations relatives à la mise en oeuvre de la Convention sur la Diversité Biologique à Madagascar. Par ailleurs, il vise à promouvoir les échanges d'informations sur la biodiversité malagasy et la coopération scientifique et technique

Reporting project: Understanding the Impacts of Conservation Investments in Madagascar

Mongabay aims to improve the understanding of conservation impact in Madagascar through investigative journalism. This special reporting project will document and evaluate the relative performance of conservation investments made over the past 10-20 years at the scale of an entire country by examining the track records, outcomes, and trajectory of biodiversity conservation efforts in Madagascar. The project will explore in depth a cross-section of different conservation organizations and initiatives, including major international organizations, smaller or indigenous organizations, and large-scale government conservation projects, in some of the most important conservation landscapes in Madagascar.
Travel grants are available for this project. Applications must be submitted in English.
Since this is an ongoing pitch solicitation, there is no deadline for submissions

IUCN NL Small Grants for the Purchase of Nature : Enabling Strong Local Conservation NGOs to Protect Habitat

IUCN NL is currently accepting applications for its Small Grants for the Purchase of Nature (SPN) with an aim to enable strong local conservation NGOs to secure, connect and efficiently protect habitat of Red List species. The maximum financial assistance provided is Euro 85,000. Deadline: 1 May 2017

M.Sc. Global Change Ecology, University of Bayreuth, Germany

The program is devoted to understanding and analyzing the most important and consequential environmental concern of the 21st century; namely, the ecological consequences of Global Change, especially the effects of climate change and biodiversity loss. Application open until 15 june 2017 for winter term 2017/2018

Appel à projet de Forest Ecosystem Restoration Initiative (FERI)

Les subventions seront de 50 000 US$ à 100 000 US$ - La durée typique des projets est de 1 à 2 ans

GSDI Small grants program call for proposals 2017

The cash grants are for US$ 2,500. Although this is not a large amount of money, in emerging nations and developing economy SDI’s, it can go a long way toward SDI preparedness, awareness raising, for building some component of an SDI or to add to SDI sustainability. It may also help to engage other organizations in collaboration and additional co-funding for large projects. Applications for the 2017 program are due not later than 1 June 2017

Appel à participation à l’Ecole thématique "DYnamique et GEstion de la Mangrove dans les îles de l’Océan Indien occidental" et au Colloque "Les Mangroves des îles de l’Océan Indien Occidental : dynamiques, pressions, gestions"

Une école thématique régionale "DYnamique et GEstion de la Mangrove dans les îles de l’Océan Indien occidental" se déroulera du 11 au 16 septembre 2017, en prologue du colloque "Les Mangroves des îles de l’Océan Indien Occidental : dynamiques, pressions, gestions" (18-21 septembre 2017).Labellisés « IRD - 70 ans de coopération scientifique à Madagascar » , ces deux événements, placés sous le parrainage du Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche Scientifique de Madagascar, se tiendront à Mahajanga. Date limite de candidature : 15 mai 2017

Webinar series 2017 - REDD+ Monitoring, and Measurement, Reporting and Verification “Training the Trainers”

25.04.2017, 14:00 CEST : REDD+ decision making using the FCPF decision support toolbox
09.05.2017, 15:00 CEST : Activity data: remote sensing tools
16.05.2017, 15:00 CEST : Community based monitoring
30.05.2017, 15:00 CEST : Assessing carbon emissions from forest degradation
06.06.2017, 15:00 CEST : Area and accuracy assessments
13.06.2017, 15:00 CEST : Data management and analysis for NFMS

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  • Naaya Event State of the World's Plants Symposium 2017

    In conjunction with the publication of a cutting-edge annual report, scientists and policymakers will gather at Kew for the second international State of the World's Plants Symposium.

    An annual review of the major issues affecting plant diversity and abundance, Kew's State of the World’s Plants report provides data on important indicator metrics to show us how plants are faring and how this is changing over time. As well as revealing the current status, the report includes horizon scanning to identify important and emerging issues, including research and knowledge gaps. The two-day symposium offers a platform to discuss issues raised in the report and to engage the scientific community, policymakers and public alike.

    This year’s State of the World’s Plants will have a special focus on Madagascar – exploring the country’s unique biodiversity and examining how we can tackle threats to it.

    25/05/2017, RBG Kew