Decennie des Nations Unies pour la Biodiversite

Event State of the World's Plants Symposium 2017

In conjunction with the publication of a cutting-edge annual report, scientists and policymakers will gather at Kew for the second international State of the World's Plants Symposium.

An annual review of the major issues affecting plant diversity and abundance, Kew's State of the World’s Plants report provides data on important indicator metrics to show us how plants are faring and how this is changing over time. As well as revealing the current status, the report includes horizon scanning to identify important and emerging issues, including research and knowledge gaps. The two-day symposium offers a platform to discuss issues raised in the report and to engage the scientific community, policymakers and public alike.

This year’s State of the World’s Plants will have a special focus on Madagascar – exploring the country’s unique biodiversity and examining how we can tackle threats to it.

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Period [25/05/2017 - 26/05/2017]
Event location RBG Kew Jodrell Laboratory, RBG Kew, Kew Road, Surrey TW9 3DS
Host RBG, Kew Gardens
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Geographical coverage Kew, Londres,
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The symposium will be based around six themed sessions, each comprising talks from invited experts followed by a panel Q&A to discuss the emerging issues:

1. Madagascar: megadiverse and misunderstood – how can we hope to reverse threats to biodiversity?
2. The immediate risk of extinction: climate change won’t matter if everything has already died out…
3. Wildfires: a necessary evil?
4. Invasive plants: born to invade?
5. From field to healed: how do we detect the medicinal plants of the future?
6. Valuing nature: which plant species are most valuable?

Other highlights of the programme include:

  • poster session and drinks reception – Thursday 25 May
  • symposium dinner (optional) – Thursday 25 May
  • 'behind the scenes' tours of Kew's collections (optional) – Friday 26 May