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News Trouble in Lemur Land: An update on Madagascar's silky sifakas

A few years ago, Earth Touch cameras followed primatologist Erik Patel and his team into the wilds of northeastern Madagascar to document his fieldwork on the rare silky sifaka, a large, white lemur restricted to a small range in the primary rainforests of the island's rugged massifs.The resulting documentary, Trouble in Lemur Land, showcases some of the very best footage ever captured of these elusive primates, less than 2,000 of which still survive on the island

Article publié le 06/09/2017

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Source Earth Touch News Network
Release date 07/09/2017
Geographical coverage COMATSA, Marojejy, Anjanaharibe sud, Makira,
Keywords Aires protégées, Earth touch News network, Silky sifaka,

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